Yoshidumi Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. Details of our company’s handling of personal information are as follows.

1. Our efforts

Based on JIS Q 15001: 2006 (Personal Information Protection Management System Requirements), in order to prevent the leakage, destruction, or loss of personal information held and used under thorough information management education, we take appropriate security measures To protect personal information. Acquisition of personal information is carried out by appropriate means within the range necessary for the business performance of our company in accordance with laws and ordinances.

In addition, we will comply with the laws concerning the protection of personal information, the guidelines established by the government and other norms and strive to protect personal information.

Please refer to our “Personal Information Protection Policy” separately.

2. Purpose of using personal information

When we will acquire your personal information, we clarify purpose of use. The use of personal information shall be carried out to the extent necessary for the performance of business, only within the scope of acquisition purpose, and authorized by specific tasks. Personal information handled by us and purpose of use are as follows.

I) Consigned personal information during system development

  • Target personal information
    We will target personal information of clients who entrusted in development work entrusted by our client.
  • Acquisition method
    We will acquire it by electronic data through Web and e-mail.
  • purpose of use
    Performing tasks entrusted by clients

Ii) Subsidized personal information in G Suite (formerly: Google Apps)

  • Target personal information
    We will target personal information that we have entrusted in the operation and development work of the G Suite entrusted by our clients.
  • Acquisition method
    We will acquire it by electronic data, paper medium through web, e-mail, fax, mail etc.
  • purpose of use
    Performing tasks entrusted by clients

Iii) Handling during business contract Personal information

  • Target personal information
    We will target personal information dealt with at the time of business contract, among the businesses that received business contract requests from our clients.
  • Acquisition method
    We will acquire it by electronic data, paper medium through web, e-mail, fax, mail etc.
  • purpose of use
    Applicant management
    Performing tasks entrusted by clients

Iv) Client information

  • Target personal information
    We will target personal information such as person in charge of company dealing with our company.
  • Acquisition method
    We will acquire directly in writing and other methods by various business documents such as Web, business card, telephone, e-mail, estimate.
  • purpose of use
    Report and contact on our business
    Production and submission of various sales documents such as quotation

V) Inquiry information

  • Target personal information
    We will target inquiry information you receive on the web, e-mail, fax, telephone etc.
  • Acquisition method
    We will obtain it directly by web, mail, fax, telephone etc. through other means.
  • purpose of use
    Answer about the content of the inquiry, contact

Vi) Applicant Applicant Information

  • Target personal information
    We hope to join our company, we will target the information you applied.
  • Acquisition method
    We will obtain it directly by mail, fax, personal delivery etc., or by other methods.
  • purpose of use
    Report on employment, report
    Basic materials for hiring decision

With regard to the handling of personal information possessed by clients who browse and use in connection with the business that you accepted, in accordance with the rules of the client, the personal information is used within the range necessary for achieving the purpose, We will handle it appropriately.

3. About providing personal information to third parties

We will never provide personal information we got at our company to third parties without your consent. In the case of providing personal information to a third party, we will do it without prior consent of customers beforehand except for orders based on laws and ordinances.

4. About the consignment of personal information

In order to carry out the above purpose of use, we may delegate personal information we keep to a third party. When delegating personal information, we select persons with sufficient levels of personal information protection, conduct guidance and management, and handle them appropriately.

5. About disclosure and correction of personal information

Regarding the request of disclosure of personal information provided etc. (notice of purpose of use, inquiry of contents, correction, addition, deletion, refusal of use / provision) about the request, please contact at the company designated window appropriately within reasonable scope We will correspond. In that case, we will confirm the identity of the principal and the details of the request with the necessary documents specified by us, so please request from the following inquiry window.

A) Name of business Yoshidumi Information Co., Ltd.
B) Personal Information Protection Administrator Harumichi Akita
C) Purpose of using personal information to be disclosed Seminar, exhibition participant information
 Contact, report on seminars, exhibitions
 Seminar, Exhibition Management Documents
Client information
Report on business transactions, report
Contact and report on our business
Inquiry information
Answer, contact about inquiries
Recruitment applicant information
Contact, report on recruitment
As a hiring decision criterion
Employee information
Management of general affairs, accounting, personnel affairs in our company
D) Handling Complaint window 【Inquiries concerning handling of personal information】
Nihon Building 12F 1239 Otemachi 2-6-2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
Yoshidumi Information Co., Ltd. Personal information inquiry window
Tel. 03-6280-5940 Fax. 03-5843-6588
Mail: privacy@yoshidumi.co.jp
Yasue Shigenobu responsible for personal information protection complaint consultation window
E) Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization to which the Company belongs Japan Data Communications Association (JADAC)
F) Procedure for requesting disclosure etc. ・ Acceptance and reception method
Requests for disclosure etc. from the principal or proxy will be accepted by submitting the “Personal Information Disclosure Request” to the counter by submitting by fax or sending e-mail such as sending e-mail.
・ Identify yourself
As a general rule, the method of confirming the identity of the person in question will be confirmed by sending a copy of the following documents by FAX.
Yourself’s driver’s license, passport (passport)
Basic Resident Register Card with Photo
Insurance card of health insurance
Original copy of Alien Registrar Card (Copy in case of inevitable case)
・ When you wish to request a proxy
If you wish to request a proxy, please consult a separate office.
・ Fees
Regarding request for disclosure etc, we will charge a fee (1,000 yen) if we wish to notify “purpose of use” and “inquiry of contents”. Please confirm the method of payment at the counter.

6. Restriction on cases where personal information can not be provided

Whether to provide personal information is optional for the customer. However, if you do not agree to the provision of personal information, all or part of our service may not be available.

7. About acquiring personal information to be done by a method that the principal can not recognize

We do not acquire personal information by a method which person himself can not recognize. In case of acquiring personal information like the above, we will notify the person to that effect and obtain it after agreeing.

8. Other

We may revise the contents of this “privacy policy” in order to strengthen protection of your personal information, or in accordance with laws and ordinances to be followed, guidelines established by the country and other norms.